I wake into the thought of you
to whisper good morning,
pulling a pillow into my chest,
waiting for a third alarm to signal full alertness.
I caress you gently with a thought that thinks
that you are the most important thing.
But it is not time and you are fast asleep
in complete darkness, silence.
When the sun reaches mid-sky
I remember to say I love you again.
I remember to tell you that you
are what I want most as you finally rise.

There is a long pause where my love lives.
It is caught in a container called silence
that holds each moment I could not touch you
or console you.
Silence holds every kiss that would not reach
your mouth or cheek.

My love is held for exhibition
in the transparent jar called silence.
Suspended in emptiness,
in void, way out in space
where all mild warmth and passion

You are the final sound that I cannot mute
when all the chatter in my soul ceases.
A sound that is bright as air
and deep as groans that could be pain or passion.

Passion. Love is possession.
Love is selfish as it devours
and my soul starves for you.
Love cannot be chosen to be done,
it can only occur as a ravenous hunger.
Gentleness, altruism, selflessness:
words thought to be attainable by participation
in the archaic act that delivers us closest to nature.
Qualities sought for the attainment of a love that
can only be participated with, surrendered to.

Love, a madness that takes you for it’s own.
A force that twists rationality into succumbing
to the will of passions so that one becomes them.

What were you thinking.
Did you hear new phrasings to add
to the prolonged symphony we were writing.
Is it a good work.
Were you hearing melodies filling our silence
while I was filling silence with kisses upon your eyelids.
What of our work.

You are constantly arriving.
You are ever occurring.
You have never left me.

I want to listen to the wishes whispered
into our silence.
I want to press my ear against
the void that holds our story.
Our story that holds your interiority
and mine at once.
I want to hear the work
that reveals the expanse and depth of silence.
I want to press my ear against the soft navel of the belly
that digests the duality and complexity
of what our love makes.

Eventually our daylight ceases simultaneously.
I kiss you goodnight, offering sweetness to silence.

You are constantly arriving.
You are the sound in my soul that follows
the muteness of every worry.
You have never left me.
You are the sound that permeates darkness.



Visual artist unknown


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